5 Tips to Earn More Tips!

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Whether you are a server, a driver, or a delivery person, you know that tips can fluctuate from 10 – 20% or more. A good tip can make a stressful, fast paced day into an amazing one. Here are 5 tricks to help create more of those amazing days.

#1- Smile!

The smile is the most recognizable facial expression. People can tell that you are welcoming and happy to help as soon as they meet you. This also allows people to let their guard down and feel more comfortable when talking to you. When smiling at someone you actually trigger the part of their brain that creates an automatic response to smile back. Thus when you smile, they smile, and generally the mood of that interaction becomes much lighter and less stressful. It is also proven that when you smile, your own mood becomes much happier.

#2- Create a Relationship with the Customer.

If you’re anyone working with a lot of customers or are a server like me, you know that you can sense a vibe from a table or person as soon as you walk up to them. You can tell almost by the first word if they are going to be friendly or not. You can also tell how often they’ll want you to check up on them. Because of this, first impressions are very important. If you can figure out their mood, you can adjust your introduction and service to their needs. 

No matter what, always introduce yourself by name. This is a very simple and friendly way to start your interaction. Depending on the mood, you can ask how their day was or if they are from the area where you work. Make sure to really be listening to what they say. It is very easy for people to know if you aren’t and can come off as rude. You can also show them you care by bringing up something they said and asking them more questions about it later on.

When you can create a friendly lighthearted environment, you are more likely to get bigger tips. Ex FBI agent Jack Schafer stated “Make the customers feel good about themselves and they will like you. The more customers like their servers, the higher the tips they are likely to leave.” This can also be done by repeating their order back to them. It makes customers feel like you care about their dining experience and genuinely enjoy them which in turn makes them enjoy you more.

#3- Try to Sell the Big Ticket Items.

Let’s be real, your tip is coming from the total of the bill. This means, try to sell the more expensive items. I know for me, when I first started serving this felt uncomfortable. I didn’t want people to think I was only pointing out the items to be greedy. Eventually, I realized people don’t actually care and if they don’t want to buy it, they won’t. Now, if people ever ask me my opinion on a dish or ask me to pick out of two, I will say the more expensive one. 

However, you want to make sure you know about the item and explain why it is superior. If you have a good sell, people see you as an expert and trust your opinion more. When selling something, no matter what it is, try to avoid phrases such as “I believe this…” or “I can ask someone to make sure…” It tells people you don’t actually know what you are talking about and they tend to go with a different option. Remember, the more confidence you have, the more they’ll follow what you say.

#4- Write on the check.

This could be something as simple as a smiley face. Although a note is better, the thought is still there. It has been proven that when a customer receives a note on the check like “It’s supposed to be great weather, have a good one!” or just simply,  “Thank You!” Servers were tipped on average 22.2% vs. 18.8%. This is just an extra way to say I enjoyed serving you today and showing your customers you care about them by taking a little extra time to write it. 

If your restaurant offers mints or candy, you can also create the same feeling by personally offering some to your guests. This does get difficult to do if you are busy, but the extra thought goes a long way when it comes to tips. 

#5- Using their names.

This is something you can do towards the end when you bring their check back to them. A simple “Thanks for coming Mr. Jones” can make customers give bigger tips. I know personally, I love when guests ask me a question or thank me by name. The same goes for them. You can get their name by their credit card, or if your restaurant has reservations you can get their name from that.

Some other things to note is that women do tend to get tipped higher when wearing makeup or something in their hair. Men tend to be tipped the same no matter what. If you liked this post, have any questions, or wanted to know more feel free to comment or message us on our social media pages. Have a great day!

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