5 Ways to Thrift Shop Like a Pro

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Thrift shopping is a great way to revitalize your wardrobe or refurbish your home in a very inexpensive way. If you are looking to save money, this is the way to do it. However, things work a little differently at thrift shops than at regular retail stores. Here are 5 ways to thrift shop like a pro!

1. Know Which Stores Specialize in What You’re Looking For.

 Many thrift stores will have better items in a certain category compared to others. For example, Goodwill has better furniture selections and Savers or 2nd Avenue will be better for clothing. Of course each store is different. Make sure to call ahead to find out which stores will offer the best products. Making a list beforehand of what you are looking for can help with this. When you call the store, you can ask them if they have the items or similar ones you are looking for. This can save you an unnecessary trip.

 2. Check the Racks in the Back.

The racks in the back of the store, or at least the ones closest to the dressing room, will most likely have some of the best items already picked out. Those items are the ones people have already chosen because they were worth trying on, but maybe didn’t fit right or just wasn’t their style. After all, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

3. Don’t Dismiss Something That Might Look “Dull.”

No matter if it’s clothes or housing items, never dismiss something just based on if it looks “dingy” or “worn.” Many things found in thrift stores can be refurbished or restyled to look like something brand new. If you find a piece that you think could work, but aren’t sure how to do it, you can look online to find ideas or tips on how to make it work for your personal style. 

A lot of my clothes that I’ve bought from thrift shops, at first, didn’t look like a stylish piece. However you’d be surprised what the right pair of jeans or accessories can do to upgrade anything. This goes for furniture or decor also. With a washcloth or maybe even some paint, you can take an item from looking like $2 to $200.

4. Look at Every Inch of the Clothes.

Nothing is worse than being really excited about clothes you just bought and coming home to realize there’s a hole in the sleeve or a stain you missed. When looking for clothes, make sure you check everywhere for stains, holes, or loose threads. Many thrift stores don’t offer refunds, so make sure you don’t regret buying something not worth your money.

5. Make Money Before you Spend Money

Donate your unused items! Not only does it clear up space, but many consignment stores will either pay you for your donations or give you store credit. In turn, you can use this to buy whatever you want. Not to mention, it helps other people as well. So why not? If you don’t feel like going into the store you can also sell your items online. Just remember there is a difference between a consignment store and a thrift store. Consignment stores will resell your items for you, however thrift stores will only take donations.

Please let us know if any of these tips helped you and your thrift shopping journey and if you would like a part 2 of this. Feel free to comment or contact us on any of our social media. Enjoy thrift shopping like a pro!

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  1. Great tips! My dad used to tell my grandma she would buy roadkill if she got a garage sale deal, insinuating that even if she didn’t need it and it was a good deal she would buy it. lol

  2. These are great tips! I love thrift store shopping. For Goodwill’s that are located by a Target store, some Target stores will donate the unsold items. I know the one I live by does this monthly, if you can pin point what days these shipments come in its a win-win! Thanks for sharing your tips.

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