Hi – and welcome to our blog! We’re so glad you found us!

Here at Our Money Mentality, we teach valuable life skills you should’ve learned in school, but probably didn’t. Things that will actually get you further ahead in life. Things that will make you wealthier and happier. We’re not talking about calculus or what a past participle is or the million other skills you’ve probably never used after school. We’re talking about the things that matter in life – like how to save money, how to make money, and what to do with money once you have it.

We’re also big on mental health and how it can affect your relationship with your wallet. We may not be experts in all things money (be very careful of anyone who claims to be), but we’re learning and experimenting and sharing what we’ve discovered along the way.

It’s a Family Thing

As siblings, we grew up constantly hearing the same financial advice from our parents. “Don’t have credit cards,” they would say. “Pay for everything you can in cash,” they counseled. Little did our parents know we actually listened to them and watched their example.

Even on family vacations, it was no secret that our parents budgeted for every detail. Each bill was tracked so they knew exactly how much of their vacation budget they had left. Cars were bought used for a reasonable amount and groceries brought home were specifically for our pre-planned meals. It wasn’t that we were poor, but our parents ensured that we understood the importance of hard work, priorities, and planning.

Now that all three of us are adults (two of us with spouses and children), we have put what we learned into practice. Some of our money beliefs have evolved past what our parents taught (love those credit card points), but we’re grateful for the solid money foundation that has allowed us to learn more and now share with you! We wouldn’t use the term frugal, but we are smart with our money – and that makes us happy.

What You’ll Get

When you follow along with our blog, you will learn all those valuable skills about finance and mental health. You might even read guest posts written by our parents!

Matt Kuhn

Hi! I’m Matt and I love the topic of money. Not in a Gollum from The Hobbit whispering “my precious” to my wallet kind-of-way, but in more of an ‘I’m learning all I can to reach financial freedom’ kind-of-way.

I work as a software engineer and actually left Amazon after several years to work for a bank, just because I wanted to learn more about economics, banking, and how a bank uses money to make more money. I find it super interesting. And if you couldn’t tell from my Hobbit reference above and my fascination with banks, I’m a pretty big nerd, especially when it comes to comics.

I wanted to make sure this site addressed mental health because I grew up with pretty bad anxiety and depression. Although I’ve learned to manage it a lot better, I know how difficult it can be to start a business or save money with these obstacles. But I’ve started several businesses over the last few years and although I’m still learning, I’ve learned ways of making these goals easier and more fun – which I’ll be sharing in various posts on this blog.

Interesting facts about me – I ran a finance blog for about a year called “Profitable Matters” (clever, right?), I lived in Brazil for two years (tudo bem!), and I am currently very interested in real estate investing. Now let’s go earn ourselves some freedom!

Mariah French

Hola! First off, it is literally my dream to go into business with my siblings so I am very happy they finally agreed to do it. You can tell by reading my articles that I care about money so that I can spend as much time as possible with my friends and family. #middlechildsyndrome

My relationship with money began at a young age when our parents made me put a percentage of my allowance into savings and another part into tithing for our church. I learned that it wasn’t all mine just because it was given to me. Additionally, I lived in Spain for 18 months and had a limited amount of money each month. You never know what you don’t need until you don’t have it!

Regarding mental health, my forte is confidence. I have it and love to share it! (I help moms gain confidence with their families and travels on my personal blog). I believe everyone is a star and there’s always a reason to laugh. As I like to quote, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile!”

When I’m not working, I’m probably traveling or watching Psych re-runs with my husband and one year old son. You can keep up with me on my Instagram account too.

McKenzie Kuhn

Hey! I’m McKenzie, the youngest of the three. Although I am young, I have learned many tricks about saving money, as I live on my own. I can give the inside scoop into what it’s like being a single, college student, working as a waitress.

As you can guess I don’t make millions, but I love traveling and shopping. So I worked out a system of saving so all my bills are payed and I have a little extra money for myself. I have been able to travel to Italy, France, and many places inside the states. You can hear all about my saving techniques in my blog posts.

When it comes to mental health, I used to have a lot of anxiety, which would lead to panic attacks. It would make it really hard to do my favorite things because I hated being in crowds. Similarly, it would also make it really hard for me to go to work, which in turn would effect my financial situation. I have learned many tricks on how to get through the day when it feels impossible and I would love to share them with you!

Some more things I love are The Office, baking, the pool, and true crime podcasts. I hope you enjoy what my siblings and I have to say and we hope we are able to help you!