How I Bought My First Rental Property in Northern Virginia

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My Backstory I’ve dreamt of becoming a real estate investor for several years now. During my senior year of college I got bit by the financial freedom bug and started a finance blog (“Profitable Matters”) where I studied the basics of finance, added my own thoughts and ideas, and then shared what I thought were smart things to do with …

Capitalism and Socialism: Which Economic System Gets Your Vote?

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We all love taking hating on socialism or capitalism. But do we really know what they mean and how they’ve impacted countries in the past? Read through this post to understand exactly what each system is and provides for you! Especially if you plan on voting in this upcoming election.

Finances And Physical Health: How They Go Hand in Hand

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Stress is defined as, “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” Let’s be real, a lot of times, life can get very crazy and demanding. Whether it’s school, or work, or family, it always feels like there is something going on. Finances can also be a factor. Many people might not …

7 Ways to Adopt a Minimalist Lifestyle to Improve Your Financial Life

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Do you want to improve your financial life? You’re probably thinking, “who wouldn’t”? However, we often feel bewildered thinking about how to improve our financial lives. Well, one of the ways to do so is by adopting a minimalist lifestyle. When you follow minimalist strategies, you’ll start focusing on what’s truly important to you. You’ll start valuing experiences over material …