Financially OP

How to Become Financially OP, Part 1/4 – Net Worth

Mathew Kuhn Saving Money, Spending Money 2 Comments

In the comic book world, when a character is “OP”, it means they’re “over-powered”. They have so many abilities that it’s almost annoying because there’s literally no way to beat them. Like a character that can bend the fabric of reality – really?? My goal is for you to become financially OP – meaning that you have total control over …

The Mental Secret to Reaching All Your Financial Goals

Mathew Kuhn Making Money, Mental Health 14 Comments

Whether it’s starting a business, saving towards a financial goal, or getting a new job – you’ve probably found that it’s not as easy as just “doing the thing”. You know you should just “work harder”, but there seems to be something holding you back. You’re not alone. Here’s what’s helped me push past some mental barriers that lie in front of doing the physical work.