How to Get Promoted As a Software Engineer

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We could all use more money. Whether it’s to support a family, buy an investment property, or try out the latest Tesla model – more money never hurts. Sometimes that means jumping around from one company to another at a higher salary. However, as a software engineer, the interview process can take months of preparation – studying algorithms, data structures, …

Analyzing My First Investment Property

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Time to face the music and analyze my first deal after having rented it for several months! I truly believe that real estate WILL transform my family’s financial opportunities, but it’s not a get-rich-quick process. It’ll take time, work, and failures (hopefully I can keep these to a minimum!).  In the long run, I’ve chosen real estate as my main …

How I Bought My First Rental Property in Northern Virginia

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My Backstory I’ve dreamt of becoming a real estate investor for several years now. During my senior year of college I got bit by the financial freedom bug and started a finance blog (“Profitable Matters”) where I studied the basics of finance, added my own thoughts and ideas, and then shared what I thought were smart things to do with …

Capitalism and Socialism: Which Economic System Gets Your Vote?

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We all love taking hating on socialism or capitalism. But do we really know what they mean and how they’ve impacted countries in the past? Read through this post to understand exactly what each system is and provides for you! Especially if you plan on voting in this upcoming election.