Finances And Physical Health: How They Go Hand in Hand

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Stress is defined as, “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” Let’s be real, a lot of times, life can get very crazy and demanding. Whether it’s school, or work, or family, it always feels like there is something going on. Finances can also be a factor. Many people might not realize the actual toll that financial stress can take on one’s body.

“Financial stress seems to trump almost every other kind of stress except health stress,” says financial coach, Elisabeth Donati. Interestingly, these stresses go hand in hand. As many of you know, your health and physical well being can fluctuate more than waves in a storm. We start borrowing from our bank of health and rarely give back. This happens often when dealing with finances. 

It can start to keep you up at night causing lack of sleep. Another symptom is stress eating. This causes weight gain, high blood pressure, and increased heart problems. Often times, people who have high stress levels develop diabetes.

When dealing with finances, it’s hard to see a way out of a hole sometimes. This causes a stress attack. During this time, the part of the brain, the Amygdala, that handles emotional processing, will start sending alert signals to your brains control center. The control center, the Hypothalamus, will send that alert throughout your nervous system causing your fight or flight response to kick in. After this is all said and done, your body produces cortisol which helps to level the body and return it to a normal state.

The problem with this is, too much cortisol is not good for anyone. So this means getting stressed too often not only sounds bad, but is bad for your body. Getting too much cortisol can make you more susceptible to stress which can, in turn, become a vicious cycle and creates a constant position for fight or flight.

Just remember, there is no hole you can’t climb out of. Even when your finances seem like they couldn’t get any worse, there is always more you can do to help yourself. For example, if you don’t already have one, start a budget. Cut out all unnecessary spending such as subscriptions you don’t use, or could go without. If you have the ability, consider getting a second job.

Even though it feels like it a lot of the time, no one should ever feel trapped or that they can’t do anything else. Remember to always take time for yourself, even if it is only 20 min. Doing something for yourself once a day can really keep stress levels from getting out of hand, not to mention being able to clear your head. There are phone numbers called warmlines that are there for anyone just needing to talk. They are different for each state, so make sure you find your states number. If you want some more ideas on how to save or make more money, check out our other blog posts. Also, if you have any questions feel free to comment down below, DM, tweet, or email us and we will be sure to answer.

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