Why Your Money Isn’t Growing as Fast As You’d Like And How to Speed It Up

There’s really only one secret to financial excellence.

Have you ever decided to improve your financial situation, only to wake up months or even years later feeling unfulfilled because you’re stuck in the exact same situation? Maybe you understand a little about building wealth, but your financial “comfort zone” hasn’t really been challenged in awhile (if ever). Or maybe you’re improving, but much slower than you had hoped. 

If so, then this newsletter is for you.


Why You Should Choose to Make A Change Today

Unfortunately, you never know what the future holds. As the recent pandemic’s shown us, you could lose your job for something totally outside your control. You could potentially lose a loved one. Financial independence provides security against some of these setbacks. You’re at a point where you don’t need a job to sustain you. You’re either generating enough “side” income each month to support yourself (and your family) or you have enough saved to withdraw from every month for the rest of your life. 

Maybe even more importantly, consistently improving your financial education provides security against absolute disaster. I don’t know about you, but I want to understand money so well that if I lost everything today, I’d have no doubt that I could make it all back. Our hope is that our newsletter will help you build up that strong financial education.

The second problem with all of this is that wealth (and knowledge) compound – meaning that previous gains multiply with current gains. So any delay in getting started can set you back considerably. As the saying goes, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” 

Starting now can save/make you thousands if not millions of dollars over your lifetime. It can also give you the ability to improve the lives of those you care about.

Who Are We and Why Are We Doing This?

We’re just like you – people working toward financial independence. I personally work in the software industry and love what I do. Maybe it’s my engineering mindset that led me to seek out financial independence. In any good software application, you want to have plans in place for when things fail. If I died or wasn’t able to work anymore, I still want my family to be ok. Now with an infant to look out for, my drive is just that much higher. I want to have more time to spend with my kids growing up and be able to teach them about money. 

I’ve made some good starts toward financial independence through retirement accounts and real estate. However, I’ve faced many of the problems I’ve mentioned above – not pushing my financial comfort zone, sometimes going months without any sort of improvement to my financial situation, and not feeling the motivation to try new things over binging YouTube videos.

Along with this:

  1. You don’t know what you don’t know. 
  2. There’s friction in trying something new by yourself.
  3. Not everyone has the same ability to just try something new, although this can be overcome with practice.

This is why I decided to start the Our Money Experiments newsletter – so we can all become wealthier in a more fun and actionable way.

How Experimenting Led Me to Buying My First Rental Property

A little while ago, I had very little practical knowledge about real estate. I was funneling as much money as I could into index funds and felt out of my element with real estate, although I’d been reading about it for years. A very helpful real estate agent/investor finally convinced me to try it out though and within just a couple months, I was under contract for a beautiful townhouse in Northern Virginia.

With real estate, once you’re in, everything starts moving very quickly. I wasn’t just reading anymore, I was forced to actually start doing things – figuring out how to hire contractors, what renovations made the biggest financial impact, showing the house to prospective applicants, setting up showings, and screening tenants. Everything from that point on was an “experiment” of sorts…and it was amazing!

Those few months between looking for a good deal and getting under lease with tenants were some of the most fast paced months of my life, but also the months that pushed my financial situation and knowledge ahead more than the entire previous year.

This is the kind of financial change and mindset shift we’re positive this newsletter can provide as well, assuming you’re ready to take this leap with us.

The “Financial Experiments” Theory

Our theory is this – if we force ourselves to try something financially new each week (or biweekly depending on how things go), then over time, we’ll understand wealth-building well enough to reach financial freedom much faster than if we just put all of our money into retirement accounts and waited. In a way this newsletter is pretty meta – it’s an experiment on doing experiments.

It’s a universal fact that you learn faster by doing a thing than by reading about it. So this should be the best way for you and I to improve our financial situations. We’ll try something for a week, send you an email with some context and exactly what we did and what the outcome was, and then give you some action items to do over the following week if you’re interested. 

It’s much more fun doing things with someone else too, so we believe your motivation levels will be much higher trying new things with us than if you were to try and do things alone. There’s a sort of “social incentive” that will push us both to keep improving rather than immediately going to video games or watching the latest episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

There will definitely be some “failures” along the way, but honestly it’s not really a failure if you learn. I’d much rather lose $100 today if what I learned means I’ll make $1000 consistently in a year. Also, we don’t want to take any big risks initially with any of these experiments. We’ll all do what we’re comfortable with and work up from there.

Financial independence is an active process and more time should be spent doing and trying new things than on reading.

What You’ll Get From Subscribing To The “Our Money Experiments” Newsletter

  1. Weekly/Biweekly email with the following:
  • A wealth-building “experiment” for the week. These will be activities ranging from dividend investing to trading goods to building a bootstrapped business to even writing a will. Some of these may be broken up over different topics and weeks, but all will make you a more money-savvy individual (and maybe lead to your eventual financial freedom!).
  • A brief overview of the fundamental financial principles behind the experiment (ie. arbitrage, buying undervalued assets, etc.).
  • Our experience and the exact steps we took to get started, with specific dollar amounts and numbers.
  • Our personal thoughts on risks, use cases, and what could be improved.
  1. Ability to suggest your own experiments and improvements going forward.
  2. An expanded wealth comfort-zone, an improved financial education, and a little bit of social pressure to keep you moving forward 🙂
  3. A financially better you!


  • Access to previous weeks’ experiments and write-ups so you don’t miss out!
  • Lists of the wealth-building resources we’re using ourselves.

The best part about all this is there’s absolutely zero risk in you subscribing! Although we’d recommend trying all the experiments with us, you’re free to pick and choose the experiments that seem most interesting/applicable to you.

Your Next Move

If you’ve made it this far, I can only assume that financial independence is important to you – whether it’s so no one can force you to go into work if you don’t want to, or so you can be there more for your family – you know what a difference it can make.

At this point you can either continue down the road you’ve been traveling – feeling unfulfilled and passively trying new things here and there. Or you can choose to make a change and experiment along with us. At the very least, we’ll be more financially educated by the end of this. Ideally, we’ll be a little wealthier too 🙂

Your first step is to subscribe to our newsletter by filling out the box below and hitting the “I’M IN” button. You should get an introductory email in your inbox within the next hour or so (you may need to check your spam folder and confirm your email).

We’re all trying this venture together and we’re super excited for you to join our selective group of wealth experimenters!


PS – Remember, the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now. Don’t wait to improve your financial education any longer. Learn through action and fill out the box above!