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Life is too unpredictable and short not to care about finances. Finances impact EVERYTHING - your mental health, quality of life, and especially your freedom. We're here to help improve all of this.

Money is such an easy thing to lose focus on. You make money, you spend it - there are so many other things to worry about, right? Well, think about it like this:

You spend your entire life putting money into the stock market each month. But right when you're set to retire there's a gigantic economic crash and over 50% of your savings has been wiped out - right when you need it most. Or you develop a medical conditional that makes it so you can't do the job you've done your whole life. Or maybe a family member runs into some unexpected health issues that make it difficult to work or pay for medical bills. What do you do then?

Ok, these are all worst case scenarios. Maybe this kind of stuff doesn't bother you. So let's go a step further.

Most people don't have one of the most important freedoms out there - freedom of how you spend your time. We all know that working 8 hours a day is never really 8 hours a day. Between getting ready in the morning, packing a lunch, the commute, maybe driving to day-care, getting assigned tasks that can't possibly get done in 8 hours, making up your actual work because of all the time spent in meetings - 8 hours is the very unlikely minimum cost that you're spending each day for your 9-5. That's not even mentioning the mental exhaustion it all takes from you.

Then there's the opportunity cost. Maybe there's something you've always wanted to spend more time on, but the lack of time and mental exhaustion keep getting in the way. Maybe you want more freedom to be able to spend time with your kids while they're young. And maybe you love your job, but want the ability to walk away if you needed to.

This is where Our Money Mentality comes in.

We're also seeking financial freedom, and are documenting each step of the way. From budgeting and saving money to investing it in things like index funds, dividend stocks, and real estate to making a lot more of it - we've got you covered. We also try to fill in the gaps that other blogs tend to miss - including all of the mental struggles that prevent you from being your best financial self.

Without further ado - let's get started!

Our Money Recommendations

Here are the BEST products we've used to get you closer to your goal of financial freedom!

We only recommend the best products/services we've tried (and paid for). Don't waste another second and start building your wealth!

Dividend Growth Stock Investing

*If you're on the fence about  dividends, check out this post.

  • Too Much Money - This is THE ebook you need to get started Dividend Growth Investing. I read it and now have hundreds of dollars invested in dividend stocks. It's insanely cheap for the value and comes with a couple videos.

Making Money On Twitter

  • Twitter Cash Flow - Not only will you learn how to improve your Twitter influence, you'll also learn about marketing, writing ebooks, and email lists. As a bundle, it's tough to beat the price.

Real Estate Investing

  • Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat - This is a solid book to learn the fundamentals of real estate investing. I like it personally because it presents two methods of investing so you approach investing with a much broader perspective. I personally LOVE real estate investing!

Tracking Your Expenses

  • Personal Capital - This is a free tool I use to review my expenses every month. It makes doing monthly financial reviews a lot easier when you have different checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, etc.

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